Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Congratulations to Professor Charles C. Hanna!

Congratulations to Professor Charles C. Hanna, the 2015 recipient of the Civilian Faculty Service Excellence Award. Professor Hanna joined the USNA faculty in 1978. For well over three decades he has worked unstintingly for the benefit of midshipmen, his colleagues, and the Academy mission.

As a founding member of what is now the Faculty Senate Assessment Committee, he helped to create and implement a robust USNA assessment program. In continued service on assessment and curriculum committees, he continues to be an advocate for a deliberate and motivated curriculum.

His concern for midshipmen and faculty well-being has been manifested, for example, by extra instruction on road trips with the varsity Volleyball Team, mentoring junior faculty on teaching portfolios, and volunteering at the Writing Center. In service on the Academy Admissions Board, department Promotion & Tenure committee, Trident Scholar committee, as Senior Advisor for the Mathematics and Applied Mathematics majors, and in many other capacities, Professor Hanna has contributed to the smooth and effective performance of the Academy mission.

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