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Midshipmen of the Semester

The Midshipmen of the Semester program exists to recognize outstanding performers from the Brigade of Midshipmen. One midshipman from each class and an additional squad leader from either the first or second class are recognized.

To be selected, each winner had to be selected at the company, battalion and regimental levels by a board consisting of various members of each staff.

After passing through each of these stages, the candidates were interviewed by a board composed of battalion and regimental commanders, the brigade sergeant major, brigade executive officer and brigade commander.

Winners were required to have an A on the PFA, at least a 3.0 Semester QPR, a clean honor and conduct record, and outstanding demonstration of leadership skill and participation in athletics and extracurricular activities.

4/C Midshipman of the Semester: Caleb Ohl, 10th Company
Caleb is a member of the varsity wrestling team. Despite an injury which caused him to not be able to compete, Caleb remained an active member of the team, demonstrating servant leadership by enthusiastically completing thankless tasks like mopping mats and timing teammates’ sprints. In addition to helping at practice, Caleb also participates in the wrestling team’s bible study. He also leads his teammates in studying for professional knowledge quizzes during short periods of free time between practice and meals. In addition, he tutors his classmates in chemistry, which is traditionally one of the most difficult courses plebe year. The entire board was impressed by his maturity and positive attitude.

3/C Midshipman of the Semester: Scotty Davids, 23rd Company
Scotty is active in many extracurricular activities and finds many ways to serve others. He is a member of the club ultimate frisbee team, participates in Baptist Collegiate Ministry, and is a midshipman fellow of the Stockdale Center. Each week, Scotty tutors underprivileged children at Bloomsbury Square through the Midshipman Action Group. He also is the 5th Battalion training corporal and a Midshipman Group Study Program leader for physics, but consistently tutors his classmates outside of MGSP. This year, he was one of nine midshipmen selected for the Stamps Scholarship, worth $22,000. Scotty plans on using the money to build sustainable energy solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa, integrating his experiences as a mechanical engineering major, and from an internship and international trip this summer.

2/C Midshipman of the Semester: David Frick, 4th Company
David is a varsity gymnast and mathematics major. He is an encouraging and enthusiastic, yet humble, teammate and company-mate. He seeks out any opportunity to help others and holds others accountable to the standards. Consistently, David can be found tutoring plebes in calculus, working out with friends who struggle with the physical mission of the academy, or helping out youngsters with their navigation charts. As his platoon’s character sergeant, David researches quality discussion topics and case studies to provide conversation topics at the platoon’s tables. When his company officer asked that someone become the expert on movement orders, David took the lead and trained his entire company on the nuances of MO eligibility and requirements.

1/C Midshipman of the Semester: Jeramy Triplett, 13th Company 
Jeramy is an honors English major who will be going to BUD/S after commissioning. As the 3rd Battalion physical mission officer, he created a training plan for midshipmen to use as they prepared for the PFA over spring break. He is also an outstanding mentor to the plebes in his company. Jeramy encouraged them to spend time reflecting on what character traits they need to develop and improve on, and then worked with them to develop plans to improve in those areas. As of this semester, Jeramy has earned a perfect score on every single PFA he has taken at the academy, demonstrating his incredible work ethic.

Squad Leader of the Semester: 1/C Terry Woxberg, 3rd Company
Terry is an oceanography major who will be a surface warfare officer after graduation, serving on board USS Barry (DDG-52). He planned and executed several workouts a week with his squad to help them improve physically in preparation for the PFA. Terry even took his own PFA early so that he could pace several squad members on the run portion. He encouraged squad members to take ownership in helping each other out, demonstrated by how they encouraged one another and held each other accountable both at squad and individual workouts. Terry’s leadership is also evident in how his squad’s average SQPR was an outstanding 3.4.  He also encourages professional knowledge through engaging his squad members in discussions on a history fact of the day at meals.

MIDN 1/C Stephen Arceneaux, 30th Company
MIDN 2/C Zac Dannelly, 29th Company
MIDN 3/C David Larkin, 4th Company
MIDN 4/C Emma Carlson, 23rd Company
Squad Leader: MIDN 1/C Hannah Bobell, 20th Company

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