Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Leadership Conference Impressions

More than 200 students from nearly 50 military and civilian colleges come to the USNA Leadership Conference each year, and for most of them, it's their first visit to the Yard. Some of this year's participant's shared some of their thoughts.

Joelle Blas (far left), from Christopher Newport University, expected the prestige 
and structure at USNA, but actually being able to here and experience it firsthand, 
she felt the sense of unity that exists here. She said it has been great to get to 
know the people behind the uniforms.

Ellie Crowell, JD Whetsel, and Francesco Padulo, from Cornell University came 
to the conference as sports-oriented leaders, so being able to meet and interact 
with people who practice different types of leadership has been a great experience. 
They have found this to be a good, diverse group of people. As far as their impression 
of the academy, they've never seen tradition like this before and have enjoyed learning 
about all that we do here at USNA.

Christopher D'Urso (center) has been impressed by the hospitality here 
and has enjoyed  seeing the school and our USNA traditions.

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