Tuesday, January 27, 2015

In-Depth Leadership with LCDR Shivok

By MIDN 2/C Jake Barney

Walking through Chauvenet Hall, sooner or later you will hear the booming voice of LCDR Timothy Shivok echoing through the closed door. 

As a physics teacher, his job requires that he teach a difficult subject to 3/C midshipmen who have had limited, if any, prior experience with the beast that is physics. And he does this quite well. LCDR Shivok puts in 100% effort with all of his students. Whether he is staying until 2200 for extra instruction or answering the questions of students from sections other than his own, LCDR Shivok is always putting everything he has into his students.

By his excellent example of working hard for his people, it encourages the students to do the same with their school work. Along with his excellent example of a hard working attitude, LCDR Shivok also incorporates important life lessons into his classes by drawing from his extensive experience as a prior-enlisted sailor in the submarine force. Always read the instructions, take care of your people, and always be respectful: These are just some of the lessons that one will learn after taking his class.  

In addition to his time spent molding the minds of his physics students, LCDR Shivok also directs his attention to the Dolphin Club. As the officer representative for the club, LCDR Shivok is an integral part in organizing club meetings as well as trips to Norfolk and Groton. Not only did he help organize these trips, but he also went on the most recent trip to Norfolk in order to help guide midshipmen through the warships and submarines on base.  

Additionally, LCDR Shivok shows his selflessness by always offering to buy the entire group of midshipmen’s dinner on these trips in addition to paying out of pocket for the pizza at some of the meetings. Through his hard work towards the club, midshipmen interested in the submarine community are able to see first-hand the amazing opportunities that lie ahead if they choose to follow in his footsteps.

LCDR Shivok truly cares for midshipmen and always goes the extra mile to ensure that their submarine questions are answered. His door is truly always open and goes to show just how much he cares for his people. LCDR Shivok is a prime illustration of what it means to lead by example.  

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  1. Extreme blessing to have been his student. Remarkable professor and mentor. Thank you.


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