Monday, April 13, 2015

USNA Kicks Off Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month

The Naval Academy kicked off Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (SAAPM) Tuesday with a visit by Manpower, Personnel, Training and Education (MPT&E) Fleet Master Chief (AW/SW) April D. Beldo, who spoke to both midshipmen and enlisted personnel about sexual assault prevention issues.

Photo by MC2 Tyler Caswell

In honor of April as SAAPM, the midshipmen decorated Tecumseh's statue with the teal ribbon that symbolizes sexual assault prevention and awareness and the theme's for this month's observance: "Know your part. Do your part."

Photo by MC2 Tyler Caswell

Other events planned for the month include the "Do Your Part" 5K Run/Walk April 27, followed by a Brigade dinner in Dahlgren Hall. The 5K is open to USNA and NSA Annapolis personnel and their families and starts at Gate 1.

On April 30 at 7 p.m., a "candlelight" vigil will be held in Mitscher Auditorium (using glowsticks) as part of the SAAPM closeour ceremony.

Throughout the month, SAAPM t-shirts can be worn as "spirit gear" by the midshipmen and promotional banners will be visible around the Yard.

Photo by MC2 Tyler Caswell

The mission of USNA's SAAPM events is to increase the awareness among the Brigade of Midshipmen, staff, and faculty regarding the impact of sexual violence and provide opportunities to show support of sexual assault victims and survivors.

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  1. When you do not train the Midsthe right way, morally, mentally and physiclly, male and female, the proper way during Plebe Year, sexual assault and sexual harassment may penetrate Bancroft Hall as it has happened gradually in the last 40 years. We had plenty of interaction with the opposite sex at the away football and varsity sports games, or after the hops at the drag houses. However, we were taught the straight rules of the game, and the consequence of violating the system: out of the main gate immediately. What else can we expect from the current leadership under the thumb of Hussein, and his conception of "work place violence" after a muslim killed 13 and wounded 30, and the swap of 5 top terrorist for a deserter that "served with honor", among many other happenings?

    Telmo Ortega"59


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