Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Brigade Summer Training Action Shot Contest

It's finally here. That moment you've been waiting for that you didn't even know you were waiting for.

The Brigade submitted tons of action shots from all their awesome summer training activities, from international travel to wilderness training in Alaska to flying in F/A-18s. They were all fantastic, and made those of us who aren't midshipmen kinda wish we were. We think you'll agree. Check it out.

And the winner is ...

"Zero Gravity Flight" by MIDN 2/C Austin Scigliano!

MIDN 2/C Billy Walker floats while on his NASA
Johnson Space Center internship. (Photo submitted by MIDN 2/C Austin Scigliano)

But the awesomeness doesn't end there. Check out all of the finalists below:

MIDN 1/C Timothy Wu received a Rhino F/A-18 ride while on his aviation
cruise. (Photo submitted by MIDN 1/C Timothy Wu)

MIDN 3/C Nathan Bermel stands on the peak in the Delta Mountain Range
in Alaska during a 0330 sunrise while on a NOLS Alaska mountaineering
trip. (Photo submitted by MIDN 3/C Nathan Bermel)

MIDN 1/C Bryce Colceri kayaks at sunrise in Angra dos Reis, a small
subcity in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Colceri was there as part of his LREC
to Brazil. (Photo submitted by MIDN 1/C Bryce Colceri)

"Cloud Surfing" - MIDN 2/C Brian Cully flies in an MH-60S helicopter above
the San Diego sky during PROTRAMID. (Photo submitted by
MIDN 2/C Brian Cully)

"When climbing the Great Wall on foot isn't hard
enough," says MIDN 1/C Josh Gong while on
LSAP to China. (Photo submitted by MIDN
1/C Josh Gong)

While on a NOLS mountaineering trip in Alaska, MIDN 1/C Mason Galat,
3/C Sam Butler, and 3/C Austin Treubert gear up to ascend G.O.A.T. mountain
at the Divide Basin. (Photo submitted by MIDN 3/C Peter Hogan)

MIDN 2/C Anthony Gallozzi, Mattison Gossett, Ryan Joyner and Maxwell Lee
relax in the buoyancy of the Dead Sea while on their STEM Arabic intensive LREC
to Israel. (Photo submitted by MIDN 2/C Courtney Mason)

"Paddles Up!" - MIDN 3/C Marina Muenster, 3/C Mitch Guhl, 2/C Kyle Milchuck,
3/C Will Stamm, 2/C Chris Evans, 1/C Lonnie Fields, 3/C Adrienne Wang,
3/C Natalie Sava, 3/C Lauren Schrock kayak during a NOLS Alaska trip.
(Photo submitted by MIDN 3/C Marina Muenster)

While on summer cruise, MIDN 3/C Josh Xu, Miles Oakley, and JB Lee
participate in bomb suit relays. (Photo submitted by MIDN 3/C Marcelo Norcini)

MIDN 3/C Luke Redito gives the thumbs up as an MH-60S helicopter does
landing operations on the back of his DDG over summer cruise.
 (Photo submitted by MIDN 3/C Luke Redito)

MIDN 2/C Karen Quiles and Maddy Manhertz take in the view at the
Picos de Europa while they were on a STEM study abroad trip to Spain.
(Photo submitted by MIDN 3/C Ricardo Roman)

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