Friday, August 28, 2015

Photo of the Week: International Exchange Students

This fall semester 18 midshipmen from six countries join the Brigade as part of the semester exchange program.  Since 2006, over 169 international midshipmen have participated in this program and have helped promote better understanding and long standing relationships with our allies.

Bottom row (L to R):
André Merklinger (Germany), Robert Hädicke (Germany), Lisa Bensch (Germany), Tristan Vergez-Larrouget (Germany), Gregoire Brisou (France), Alexandre Bouillon (France)

Middle row (L to R):
Enrique Niemann (Chile), Pablo Mendoza (Chile), Joshua Commodore (Canada), Tomoharu Kansaku (Japan), Hiroki Yamashita (Japan), Clemente Chaparro (Chile)

Top row (L to R):
Javier Pastrana (Spain), Álvaro Cabello (Spain), Ignacio Sánchez (Spain), Julián García (Spain), Fernando Rosety (Spain), Yago Fernández Novo (Spain)

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