Monday, August 24, 2015

USNA Grads Named as Recipients of Navy's Stockdale Leadership Awards

The Navy recently announced the 2015 Vice Adm. James Bond Stockdale Leadership Award winners, both 1996 Naval Academy graduates.

Cmdr. Matthew J. Duffy, commanding officer of Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 112 (VAW-112) is the Pacific Fleet recipient.

Cmdr. Anthony S. Grayson, commanding officer of USS Providence (SSN 719), is the Fleet Forces Command recipient.

The awards will be presented during a ceremony later this year.

Cmdr. Anthony S. Grayson, one of two recipients
 of the 2015 Stockdale Leadership awards.

Did you know?  Since 1999 - when USNA Superintendent Vice Adm. Ted Carter received it - there have been 18 USNA grads out of 34 Stockdale Award for Leadership recipients. Since 1981, when it first started, there have been 39 USNA grads out of 69 total recipients (one year there was only one recipient.)

The award was established in honor of Vice Adm. Stockdale whose distinguished naval career symbolized the highest standards of excellence in both personal conduct and leadership. It is presented annually to two commissioned officers on active duty in the grade of commander or below who are serving in command of a single unit and who serve as examples of excellence in leadership and conspicuous contribution to the improvement of leadership in the Navy.

A Naval Academy graduate and pilot, Stockdale ejected from his A-4E Skyhawk over North Vietnam in September 1965 and was held prisoner and frequently tortured until February 1973. He received the Medal of Honor in 1976.

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