Thursday, August 27, 2015

Midshipman Action Group Kicks off Mids For Kids

The Midshipman Action Group recently held a kickoff event for its annual "Mids for Kids" program, inviting local teachers for a USNA tour and social event at the Midshipman Activities Center on the Yard.

Mids for Kids is a community outreach program with more than 250 midshipmen volunteers who visit local elementary and middle schools throughout the week to help the teachers with the children.

"Mids for Kids is the biggest MAG program on the yard," said MIDN 2/C Rose Gerszewski. "Midshipmen tutor, help with homework, instruct in bands, run PE classes, and bring their expertise to clubs such as Robotics Club."

Over the course of the academic year, midshipmen collectively spent more than 2,900 hours volunteering at 14 different schools.

"During the spring semester, we began measuring our impact with a new metric we call 'lives touched' by estimating the number of students we helped during our time in the classroom; this number came out to over 12,500," said Gerszewski.

As midshipmen return to the Yard for the start of a new academic year, many are excited for their simultaneous academic year through the Mids for Kids program. They can't wait to get back to their students!

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