Thursday, November 20, 2014

Class of 2015 Service Assignment: MIDN 1/C Zane Markel

The long wait has come to an end. The Class of 2015 found out their service assignments today. This is MIDN 1/C Zane Markel, who was chosen for the SWO-Information Warfare option. He will enter the fleet as a SWO but, once he earns his warfare pin, will transfer into the Information Warfare community.

"I didn’t even know what information warfare was before I came here," said Markel. "I had heard it mentioned during my plebe summer, and when I went to look it up, I couldn’t find any information about it at the time.

"Once I learned about it, I realized right away, wow … this is a brand new area of warfare. We need people who are going to decide how we are going to fight this type of warfare, and I wanted to be part of that. This has been the number one goal of mine for the past three years. Everything I have done has been to try to get into information warfare and to try to be a good information warfare officer.

"I feel fantastic. I don’t have any words for it.”

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