Thursday, November 20, 2014

Service Selection Wrap-up

At noon today, the midshipmen of the Class of 2015 found out their service assignments - which communities they will serve in after graduation in May. It's an important milestone for the mids that puts them one step closer to the fleet jobs they've been training for since I-Day, and arguably earlier than that.

Though some of the midshipmen already knew their assignments prior to today (specifically subs and other nuclear options), for the majority of the midshipmen this was a highly anticipated event, and within their company spaces they made quite a celebration of it.

As of today, this is the breakdown for the Class of 2015:

Surface Warfare:  251
Submarines:  137
SEAL:  30
Explosive Ordnance Disposal:  15
Navy Pilot:  243
Naval Flight Officer:  79
Medical:  12
Supply:  11
Civil Engineering Corps:  5
Intel:  10
Information Warfare:  7
Information Professional:  4
Oceanography: 1
Navy Total: 805

USMC Ground:  177
USMC Pilot:  89
USMC Flight Officer:  5
USMC Total: 271

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  1. BZ Welcome to the Navy - Marine Corps team. Your next journey! Cap'n greg


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