Thursday, November 20, 2014

Class of 2015 Service Assignment: MIDN 1/C Ian Sharbel

This is MIDN 1/C Ian Sharbel, who was selected to be a Marine pilot.

“I’m pretty excited right now. It’s been a long time dream. My father and grandfather were both Marines, and many other members of my family are Marines so it feels great to be carrying on the family tradition.”

Who are you going to call first?

“I’m going to call my dad first. I think he’ll be pretty proud and excited. He knows that I wanted to do this, and he has been a big supporter from the beginning, in coming here and all throughout the four years.”

What’s next?

“Now I am going to focus on preparing for the Basic School, enjoying time with some of these guys that I’m classmates with, and making the most of these last couple months of camaraderie that we have been building the last few years.”

Any advice for lower classmen about selecting a service?

“Talk to your mentors, and try to understand the different communities and opportunities that are available. Understanding what you are getting into and the overall community structure can go a long way in helping you find the right community for you.”

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