Tuesday, November 4, 2014

October 31st

By MIDN 1/C Annie-Norah Beveridge

Halloween at the Naval Academy may very well be the most entertaining Halloween experience for the Brigade of Midshipmen.  

Halloween is a wonderful morale booster that fosters creativity and pride.  Of all the costumes that were judged by theCommandant and the Deputy Commandant, the outfits that received the loudest cheers were those that showcased the Naval Academy experience.  There were two gentlemen who dressed up as Midshipmen X and Midshipmen Y, the characters that appear along with Midshipmen Z, in the XYZ cases that are sent out to the brigade to tell stories of inappropriate behavior and consequences. 

A group of ladies from 7th company dressed up as the crabs that race on the big screens during home football gamesand, a pair of plebes from 21st company dressed up as lost laundry.  

The costume contest provided a theatrical forum for brave souls who dared to showcase their talents on the televisions in King Hall throughout the night.  Two first class midshipmen dressed up as “Yik” and “Yak” (another inside joke amongst midshipmen) and were in charge of the costume runway for the night. 

There was dancing, and laughter and candy apples galore.  The Commandant wore the whaite works uniform and the Deputy Commandant dressed up as Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz.

The menu during the night’s festivities was Halloween-themedand cobwebs and a smoke machine were added to the enhance effect of the night.  

After dinner, midshipmen were allowed to go trick-or-treating around Bancroft Hall but when the clock struck 2000, study period began and life went back to normal; the masks and glitter came off and the next day we went to school.

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