Thursday, November 20, 2014

Class of 2015 Service Assignment: MIDN 1/C Shannon Cuthbert

MIDN 1/C Shannon Cuthbert, 12 Company honor advisor, was selected for Surface Warfare.

"I am really excited to get out into the fleet and be a naval officer. I am looking forward to doing what I have been training for. I am so grateful for all the opportunities I have had since coming to the Naval Academy. Being here has changed me so much and made me a better leader."

Both of Shannon's parents were grads of the Class of 1985. Her father flew SH-60 helicopters and her mother was an intelligence officer. Shannon is the first SWO in the family.

"My parents are really excited. Both of them are really excited I chose what was best for me. They both helped by giving me information about how their naval career was which helped define my decision, but in the end, I made the final decision.

I wanted SWO because I think the community has a great mission and because of the leadership opportunities and the many possibilities there are in the surface warfare community."

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