Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Shoutout to Midshipman Sponsor Families

Sponsor Appreciation Week wrapped up Friday night with a dinner for midshipmen and their sponsor families. Midshipmen are thankful for families living in the area that take them in on the weekends and give them a place to stay.

Sponsor parent Pam Tooney and midshipmen

From MIDN 2/C Jessica Yri: "Jim and Pam Toomey do a variety of things for Midshipmen. They never let their Mids go hungry and when their Mids are sick they bring them soup and medicine. During Navy football season, they are busy planning and putting on tailgates for their Mids. Best part of it all is that they treat their Mids as if they were their own children. Thank you for all that you do!"

The Dubinas family with midshipmen they sponsor, including MIDN 2/C
James Hansen.

MIDN 2/C James Hansen's sponsor family, the Dubinas, are family friends who live in Millersville, MD, and have always had more than one midshipman sponsor child while Everett has been part of their sponsor family. “My sponsor family is my family in the truest sense of the word," he said.

Everett spends time there frequently, whenever he can get a break from the Academy. “I am always appreciative of their willingness to open their home to others.”

MIDN 1/C Alec Bacon and his roommate MIDN 1/C Carl Joiner at the Sponsor
Appreciation Dinner with their sponsor dad and sister. 

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