Thursday, December 8, 2016

Naval Academy Awarded Third Meritorious Unit Commendation

The Naval Academy received its third Meritorious Unit Commendation from the secretary of the Navy Dec. 8.

The Honorable Ray Mabus presented the citation to the Brigade of Midshipmen, faculty and staff during a ceremony held in Mahan Hall on the Naval Academy Yard.

"I thought it was important to recognize you all in a formal way," said Mabus. "I don't give many MUCs ... but you have earned it as much as any of our forward-deployed forces, as much as any of our warriors have, out protecting this country - as you made possible."

The award recognized the academy's significant achievements from Aug. 1, 2013 to Oct. 1, 2015. The Meritorious Unit Commendation recognizes superior mission accomplishment and is comparable to achievements which would merit the presentation of a Bronze Star Medal to an individual.

The award, signed by Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson, specifically cited the establishment of the academy's "flagship cybersecurity" program, including required cyber courses for all midshipmen and the development of the cyber operations major.

The award also recognized the Naval Academy's U.S. News and World Report rankings during that time period as the "#1 Top Public School," the "#9 Liberal Arts School," and the "#5 Best Engineering School."

According to the citation, the academy "increased its applicant pool by 60 percent, while admitting the highest number of female and minority candidates in its history. In addition, the academy won a record number of league titles, earned numerous national awards for athletes and coaches, and was awarded the Patriot League President's Cup for the best school in conference for the third time in four years."

During the presentation, Naval Academy Superintendent Vice Adm. Ted Carter invited a number of faculty, staff and athletic coaches to the stage.

"This is a complex organization," said Carter. "There are so many people here who make our mission run. These are critical leaders in every element of the Naval Academy.

"We are very honored that the Navy has recognized the Naval Academy with such an award on behalf of this incredible group of professionals," Carter continued. "I am so proud to be a very small part of of this institution and lead everyone from our faculty to our staff to those who take care of the midshipmen to those who run the ships and sailboats - to every aspect of this Naval Academy."

The last time the Naval Academy received the Meritorious Unit Commendation was in 2008.


  1. Wow! Well deserved everyone. God Bless USNA. Go Navy! Beat Army!!!

  2. The Midshipmen do not get this award even though they do the majority of the work cited. Such a shame.

  3. Replies
    1. We all received an email stating that the award was only for faculty/staff/active duty. NOT Midshipmen.

    2. Did they give a reason? Because, this is not in accordance with the instruction or the precedence of USNA's 1998 and 2008 MUCs. Per SECNAVINST 1650.1H, page 1-4, midshipmen are entitled to this award.

      Additionally, midshipmen at the Academy were authorized to wear the MUC when it was received in 2008 and 1998, including the Class of 2012, which was only at the Academy for Plebe Summer when they were given the award in late 2008. Here is an article example from 1998:

      I would bring this up with Brigade staff and the CoC via Feedback or something and cite the instruction.

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