Monday, February 6, 2017

USNA Debate Team Hosts Annual Tournament

The Naval Academy Debate Team recently hosted its 58th annual debate tournament, now called the Crowe- Warken Debates, in Annapolis.

Boasting more than 250 attendees from 27 different universities across the country, the tournament asked college students to debate the following resolution: “The United States Federal Government should establish a domestic climate policy, including at least substantially increasing restrictions on private sector emissions of greenhouse gases in the United States.”

The tournament is named after Admiral William J. Crowe, who founded the debate team as a midshipman in 1946 and whose estate is one of its significant donors, and Dr. Phillip Warken, who was the director of debate at the academy for 35 years, from 1964-1999.

The varsity division was won by the University of Georgia’s Johnnie Stupek and Nathan Rice, who beat Cornell University in the final round.  The junior varsity division was won by Liberty University and the novice division was won by George Mason University.  Navy’s junior varsity team of Midshipmen 3rd Class Campbell German and Andrew Yu participated in the quarterfinal round. Navy’s team captain Midshipman 1st Class Alex Mueller and the rest of the squad provided logistical assistance to attendees.

“The University of Georgia has always enjoyed participating in the Crowe-Warken debates, and this year was no different. We've been lucky enough to enjoy some success in Annapolis over the years,” said University of Georgia Assistant Director of Debate Hays Watson. “It's a wonderful place, a wonderful tournament, with wonderful competitors.  We're excited to defend our title next year.”

Navy’s debate team has had a successful season with multiple elimination round appearances, including novice finals at Georgia State University and junior varsity semifinals at the University of Miami.  They will round out their season with appearances at James Madison University, the District Seven NDT Qualifier, the American Debate Association National Tournament at George Mason University, and, if they qualify, the National Debate Tournament at Kansas University.


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