Friday, November 14, 2014

6th Co Intramural Domination / Brigade Bowl

By MIDN 1/C Molly Hanna

If you have been reading the recent installments of “Intramural Scott Strasemeier” emails, then you know that 6th Company intramural warriors dominate on the athletic fields.

Whether it’s basketball, flag football, soccer, or racquetball, 6th Company has been making headlines for a solid year now with numerous Brigade Championships.  What’s the secret behind this company’s stellar athletic skills in not one, but three different sports?

6th Company intramural warrior coaches provide an inside scoop on some of their training tactics that have proved successful in leading the current and past intramural seasons to victory:

The Flag Football Coach, 1/C Chris Grigg’s attributes his team’s success to high school nostalgia, saying  "We're just a bunch of guys that peaked in high school and are trying to relive the glory days of those Friday nights out on Hospital Point. Combine a competitive nature with some incredibly average athletic ability and boom you get two, working on three, undefeated seasons. That's all there is to it. At the end of the day, there aren't any puppies out there on Hospital Point. Gotta get up and be the dog."

1/C Keaton Dille, 6th Company’s Intramural Basketball coach describes his team’s winning strategies, "6th company basketball lives by the three core values of winning, winning, and winning. We hold thrice weekly team lifts, we shoot every morning at 0530, and we offer daily sacrifices to the spirit of Larry Bird. We're not exceptionally athletic nor are we talented, we simply grind our way to championships."

This hard work does not go unnoticed among 6th Company and members of the Brigade.  This determination and competitive spirit has brought the Jackalopes’ intramural teams from average to a force to be reckoned with in the last few years.

Last, but not least, Racquetball.  6’s Coach 1/C Tom Sledge perfectly captures the essense of this unique sport and the necessities for victory, saying “"Racquetball success really comes down to a few main elements.  1. you must be oddly un-athletically athletic 2. You must embrace "approved wrap-around lenses" as your natural look, and 3. You can't wear two gloves.  Just one.  If you can master all three, then put your racquetballs where your mouth is and maybe you can try to stop 6th company racquetball from winning its 4th straight Brigade Championship."

With the first ever Brigade Bowl today, 6th Company will fight among 1st regiment’s most talented intramural warriors against some of the best of the Brigade.

The Bowl will take start at 1730 on Farragut Field, with 1st Regiment dressed in blue and 2nd Regiment in white. Sure to foster some healthy competition and fun among the Brigade’s most athletically gifted warriors, the first ever Brigade Bowl will hopefully become a tradition that will carry on many years into the future.

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