Monday, November 17, 2014

USNA Chinese Culture Club Visits New York

By MIDN 2/C Wesley Yuan

USNA’s Chinese Culture Club visited New York during the weekend before Veterans Day. We visited the American Legion Post 1291 in Chinatown, where they have the country's greatest number of Chinese-American members.

The American Legion is an organization that helps provide homes for homeless veterans, helps veterans financially, and provides educational and career opportunities for veterans.

This is the second time the midshipmen of the Chinese Culture Club visited this post, but the first time we joined them in their annual parade in Chinatown.

They gave us a tour of their auditorium and recreational spaces in Chinatown and treated us very well. We marched with them in the parade and attended their ceremony to honor veterans at the Lt. Kimlau Memorial Square, named after a U.S. Air Force bomber pilot of Chinese descent who fought during World War II.

Afterward, we ate lunch with them and presented their post commander with a U.S. Naval Academy banner as a gift.

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