Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Annapolis Celebrates Navy’s Birthday with USNA

City of Annapolis officials and U.S. Naval Academy leadership and midshipmen came together Oct. 13 for a breakfast celebrating the U.S. Navy’s 240th birthday.

Annapolis Mayor Mike Pantelides, Maryland Senator John Astle, USNA Superintendent Vice Adm. Ted Carter, and other community leaders were in attendance to recognize the close relationship between the academy and the City of Annapolis.

“USNA is an integral part of our community,” said Astle. “In the minds of visitors and in our community, the two are synonymous.”

Through organizations like the Midshipman Action Group (MAG), the midshipmen are a constant presence in the local community. In the last year, MAG has contributed more than 26,000 hours of community service. They tutor local students, clean up local parks, and shovel snow for residents.  

“That benefits all the residents of Annapolis,” said Annapolis City Mayor Mike Pantelides. “They reach out to different parts of the community, even those that can sometimes be overlooked.”

USNA also celebrated its Founders Day Oct. 10. On that day in 1845, then Secretary of the Navy George Bancroft established the Naval Academy – then called the Naval School – at Fort Severn on the shores of the Severn River.

“The Navy and Marine Corps were founded to define us as a maritime nation, to protect our borders and free trade,” said Carter.  “We have performed those tasks our entire time as a nation. We have done that all of our history.”

The heritage of USNA and Annapolis are linked, said Carter, who said he believes the future of the two will continue to prosper on that path together.

“As you think about the future of our services, you can’t help but think about Annapolis and USNA,” said Carter. “The midshipmen here are the future leaders of our Navy, Marine Corps and our nation. Those future leaders are being prepared, right here, right now.”


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