Thursday, October 8, 2015

USNA Participates in Domestic Violence Awareness Month Proclamation Signing

Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) Annapolis hosted a Domestic Violence Awareness Month proclamation signing and tree dedication ceremony at the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation pavilion at NSA Annapolis Oct. 6.

The event brought together leadership from four Annapolis area commands: Vice Adm. Ted Carter, superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy; Capt. Logan Jones, commanding officer of Naval Support Activity Annapolis; Capt. Michael McGinnis, commanding officer of Naval Health Clinic Annapolis; and Cmdr. John Downes, commanding officer of  the Navy Operational Support Center in Baltimore, Md.

“You are actually watching a little bit of history today,” said Carter. “Not only as we talk about raising the awareness of domestic violence, but four commands are represented here and are going to sign this proclamation to raise the level of awareness. I am very proud and happy to be representing as one of those four.”

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is intended to inform the community about the damage caused to individuals, children, long-term health care, work productivity, and community safety from domestic violence and engage the community in preventing domestic violence.

“Domestic violence can affect anyone, regardless of their race, culture, or socioeconomic background. It harms our communities and hurts the ones we care about and love,” said Frances Bell, domestic abuse victim advocate at FFSC Annapolis.

The Navy community lives by core values which are reflected in their everyday professional and personal practices to include becoming actively involved in domestic violence prevention efforts.

“When you really get down to it, this month is truly about understanding how we evolved as a community, as a Navy, and as a Navy and Marine Corp team,” said Carter.  “It is really about raising the level of total dignity and respect for each other. It is great to have a month dedicated to domestic violence awareness but this is a topic that should have a 365 day a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day level of awareness.”

Domestic violence harms the victims, negatively impacts children who witness or listen to the abusive behavior, and causes long-term health issues if unaddressed.

“We are willing to be here, stand in front of you and put our name on this proclamation. This is just another way to say this is an important topic that we should all understand,” said Carter.

Fleet and Family Support Center staff are dedicated to engaging and encouraging Sailors, their families, and the whole Navy community to nurture healthy relationships while providing programs and services to prevent domestic violence.


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